Mission Committee

The elders of the Dalraida church of Christ have appointed several men to oversee the various mission works supported financially. These men are tasked with the responsibility to budget, approve, and help coordinate the different mission efforts and provide the elders with the information and reports so they can make the necessary decisions to help oversee and assist in the works.

The mission committee meets together to go over various financial requests for mission trips, pray about the missionaries, and help plan mission trips or other activities.

The assigned mission works or areas that the men coordinate are listed to the right; assigned works are supported by Dalraida on a monthly basis. Those listed with a * are works overseen by Dalraida.

Overseen Works

The Dalraida elders oversee the spiritual welfare and financial support for the following works:

Domestic Works

Dalraida financially supports these works within the U.S. on a regular or recurring basis:

Multimedia Works

Dalraida financially suppaorts these multimedia mission works on a regular or recurring basis: