About Dalraida Missions

Dalraida is working to seek and save those who are lost in this world and living a lift that does not include a real relationship with God, our Creator, and Christ, our Savior.

Although the Dalraida congregation works in the local community (Montgomery, AL) to teach others about the saving sacrifice of Jesus, we also look beyond our community to see how we can help others hear in their own community, state or nation. Dalraida sends workers, teachers, full-time & part-time missionaries, and financial support for those teaching the Word of God to others.

The Dalraida church of Christ places a high emphasis on spreading the Word of God to others. We constantly look for new ways to teach the things that we find given in God's inspired word. The elders have set aside almost one-third of the annual budget to go toward mission work and evangelism efforts.

Our World View

Our world continues to get much smaller as it becomes easier to connect, teach and travel to other places. We want to help take the gospel to as many places as we can. We not only give monthly support to various works, but we also help individuals go on short-term trips and some who are even in training to preach full-time.

Dalraida knows that there are people who are in need of the true saving power of Christ's blood in Montgomery, and there are many others in the U.S. and around the world who are also in need of this saving message. We want to reach out in our own community and around the globe to help others know about God and His plan of salvation.

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Overseen Works

The Dalraida elders oversee the spiritual welfare and financial support for the following works:

Domestic Works

Dalraida financially supports these works within the U.S. on a regular or recurring basis:

Multimedia Works

Dalraida financially suppaorts these multimedia mission works on a regular or recurring basis: