What is KidSing?

Our Kidsing occurs every Sunday night before our 5:00 pm service and is a time where we sing songs with the younger children and work with them on basic Bible facts.  It is a great time to focus on the children and help teach them more about God’s word.

The kids actually can get an award or trophy for learning the “KidSing cards” and the bible facts on them. These are basic Bible facts that each child may memorize.  We always encourage parents and family members to work on these facts with the children, and it really makes for a wonderful family Bible time (Suggestion: Great for night time routines together!).  Once the kids learn the facts, they say them to one of the elders and then they will usually receive some type of award or trophy for their accomplishment.

KidSing Cards

Please see the available cards below and download them so you and your family can learn some fun things about the Bible!

The following cards are available for kids to memorize:

Card Topic Link
Checklist for KidSing Cards
Naming Our Elders
Plan of Salvation
Fruits of the Spirit
Seven One’s of Eph. 4
Judges of Old Testament
Twelve Apostles
Five Acts of Worship
Great Commission
Ten Plagues
Living Life
The Church
Bible Numbers
Bible Mountains
Bible Facts
Bible Subjects
Book of Acts
Bible Wives
Bible Alphabet in Rhyme
Genesis Characters
Joshua Characters
Who’s Who
Bible Mothers
Jesus Facts
Bible Animals
Under a Cloud
Matthew 5:13-16
Key Scriptures

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