Welcome to the Dalraida Kids website.  The Dalraida church of Christ places a high importance on our children!  They are not only our family but they are the church of tomorrow.  This website is geared toward our children and their parents so we can make sure everyone is better informed and has all the available resources at their fingertips.

Learning God’s word is the most important thing that a child can do.  Because of that, we stress our children’s Bible classes and other activities to surround them with Bible lessons that can help them as they grow older.  Basic Bible principles are instilled in the children as they learn the wonderful Bible stories from the Garden of Eden to the days of the early church.

This website has information for everyone!  Look for our upcoming events.  Learn what the children are learning in class, and download lesson materials to extend their child’s teaching into the home.  Get activity sheets for your child to use during worship services so they will have Bible based activities to work quietly on so others can worship God.

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